Address: 84 Road, Economic Development Zone, Jinhu, Huaian, Jiangsu ,211600 China
contact: Mr. Hu
Tel:0517-86816316 86816399
  Jinhu Lile Biotechnology Industry Co., Ltd. was established in the end of 2002
  The main products are L-Malic acid ,DL-Malic acid, L(+)-Tartaric acid, L-Aspartic acid, Fumaric acid, Maleic acid and other organic acids. Annual productivity amounts to 20,000 tonnes. The Company has become an important manufacturer of C-4 series organic acids in the world. All the products of the Company have respectively met the different international advanced standards such as Food Chemicals Codex, U.S. Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, and the products have obtained Star-K Kosher Certificate. Above 70% of the Company's products are exported to Japan, Europe, Australia, the United States and Middle East, and they are renown and well recognized in the international markets. The Company will devote itself to research and development of chirotechnology, enzyme technology and organic elechtrochemistry. It will continuously introduce new food additives, chiral pharmaceutical intermediates, chiral auxilliaries and chiral drugs.
  Depending on superior quality, good service and high reputation, the Company is willing to establish a long-term mutually beneficial business partnership with overseas customers and continue to contribute to the happy life of humans.
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